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“We are not here by chance, many events have favored and oriented our choices. The interest we have always had for the "bio " has allowed us to start an activity with the opening of a store of detergents and cosmetics eco-bio first in the municipality of Vimercate, hence the name, then in the city of Monza-frazione Sant'albino, very close To the commune of Brugherio where we lived for many years. A shop offering detergents and cosmetics, ecological products, formulated with great attention to toxicity values, in respect of biodiversity because they are readily biodegradable and do not contain allergens.
idea biofficina biodegradabile
To encourage the consumption of eco-bio detergents, we have researched Italian artisan companies that are dedicated to a quality production and do not formulate eco-bio products only for commercial purposes. Their attention is also paid to the containers of these products, which must have characteristics of biodegradability and recycling. Companies that use their resources not for costly marketing campaigns but for the use of natural substances, selected, certified that use in allergy-free formulations, with very low toxicity in the long term, highly biodegradable and at the same time High performance. This commitment with passion and responsibility guarantees the safe use of the products they formulate, both for the people and for the animals, and for the environment in which we live.”


to our page where you can see and verify the quality characteristics of the products we offer in our shop. From us you will find the due reception, the information and the Guide to know the correct use of the products, in order to make the most of their properties. We will advise you how to use them correctly because, thanks to the high concentration properties of the mixtures, whether detergents or cosmetics, these products diluted or used in minimum quantities last longer than the exclusively commercial ones. . Their use is guarantee as well as of quality also of considerable economical saving.
Our offer of products and services


high performance of biodegradability, selection of raw materials to ensure a toxicological profile distinctly lower than that of conventional products, hypoallergenic formulas.

Respect for biodiversity

the high biodegradability of the substances used over a short period of time avoids artificial alteration of the ecosystem.

Home delivery

for seniors and others for orders over 10kg.

House cleaning

the cleaning power of the organic products is guaranteed and lack the aggressiveness and dangerousness found in abrasive, corrosive, and toxic substances.

Personal care

high concentration of natural ingredients with hydrating, emollient, anti redness, antioxidant, and hypoallergenic properties.

Prices affordable to everyone

Costs will be affordable both to those who can buy quality products for the house and the body with serenity, and to those who need to optimize their expenses.
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